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Sell for charity of ESRIN Video Club Videotapes


Last Update: Monday, 29-May-2006 06:13:29 PDT

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Update 20.09.2005:

Dear friends,
There is an updated list ot tapes available, thanks to further donations of our ESRIN's friends. With the occasion, we have also removed all VHS already sold, to make easier the selection.
---> UPDATED LIST <--- (zipped file).

Dear all,

ESRIN Video Club (EVC) has kindly donated to EVG (ESRIN Voluntary Group) approximately 950 VHS of films (original, of course) from their stock, with the target of selling them for charity during the incoming Sport's Day (17.09.2005). There are tapes in English, Italian and Spanish.

All funds raised will be devolved to the EVG charity activities (for details, you may contact EVG directly).

Given the high number of videotapes, we have agreed with EVC to start selling them immediately. The price is 2 Euro per tape, with discounts for volumes (10 or more).

Interested people may send an e-mail to Massimo Cardaci, indicating code and title of their preferences). The priority list is based on the order of arrival of these e-mails.

You may download the full list from ---> HERE <--- (ZIPped file).

Thank you,

Massimo Cardaci
General Secretary EVG



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