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Requests or Offers for Help

Last Update: Tuesday, 08-Mar-2022 23:08:56 PST

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Hereafter we list some requests and offers of help. In agreement with the originators, we provide the minimum amount of information required to be in contact with them.

The list is ordered by date: we invite you to verify the validity of the older ones...

Thank you and have a nice day.

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brown ball2008
small brown ball05.11 - Selling people's personal lifter [Italian] New Information Arrow
violet ball2007
small violet ball19.02 - Selling a car adapted for disabled drivers - Bologna [Italian]
pallino rosso2006
red ball2006
small red ball03.07 - Blood donation campaign - S. Andrea Hospital - Rome [Italian]
small red ball10.03 - Stairs elevator (chair) [Italian]
yellow ball2004
small yellow ball19.10 - Urgent request for Blood donation [Italian]
small yellow ball07.10 - Job opportunity for people with disabilities [Italian]
small yellow ball15.09 - Charity Raffle Looking for gifts [Italian]
green ball2003
small green ball02.05 - Accessible Car On sale [Italian]
cyan ball2002
blue ball2001
small blue ball03.03 - Teacher available to support children and young people with learning and behaviour diseases (even hard) [Italian]



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