Disabled people and Veterans Assistance and Employment Union

Last Update: Monday, 29-May-2006 06:13:17 PDT

From the note of Mrs Nana Aleksize (Project Manager) (pupa@ip.osgf.ge):

We've just learnt about activity of your organization from Internet. Let me tell you briefly about us. Disabled people and Veterans Assistance and Employment Union as an independent non-governmental organization exists in Tbilisi, Georgia (former Soviet Republic ) since 1995. Nowadays there are more than 500 members in Union, among them 10 staff members and volunteers who work at several projects.

Our mission is to promote open society building in Georgia, support peaceful initiatives by creation of disabled and veterans' civic institutions and their integration into international democratic systems;

Our organization has already carried out several projects, financed by the OSGF, SAVE THE CHILDREN FOUNDATION, DEMOCRACY COMMISSION OF UNITED STATES EMBASSY, we are still struggling for funding of our future projects.

One of the most important projects we are going to realize, is establishment of a special library for disabled children "ASSISTANCE". It will be the first such kind of establishment in Georgia aiming at filling the gap between disabled children and the rest of the society, rendering assistance in their integration and active involvement into mainstream of life, reduction of the disabled children person's informational isolation. When speaking about disabled people and especially children it must be noted that a main problem lies in their psychological isolation. Being afraid of sending their children into a regular setting, the parents try to place them in special conditions. Such children actually feel isolated from early childhood.

We've already conducted several activities for successful realization of the project: we hired an office, equipped it with special spaces and entrance lift for disabled people on wheelchairs.

Thank you in advance

With best regards,

Nana Aleksize Project Manager

Our full address is 4 Makashvili st 380008 Tbilisi Georgia

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