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Spawned off the Plaintalk-Talk mailing list
 plaintalk@skyweyr.com , the Disabled-Talk mailing list
 disabled-talk@skyweyr.com  is a new forum intended to share
ideas about and introduce the wide variety of ways the Macintosh can be
used to help people overcome their disabilities.

Examples include using CloseView and Plaintalk to help the
visually-impaired navigate their applications, using AppleScript to
automate daily or complicated tasks, as well as using the Macintosh as
the center of a completely customizable "Smart Home" or "Smart Office".

This list will also provide a channel to potential customers for
commercial suppliers of software and hardware for the disabled.

Questions we hope to answer...

What built-in features of the Macintosh can be exploited?  What
applications lend themselves well to use by the disabled?  What options
are available for 3rd party or custom add-ons to make life easier?  How
can we give software developers incentive to make their applications
support Plaintalk and AppleScript?

How can I help?

You can help by spreading the word.  The fact that you need to use a
computer to access the Internet keeps many people who would benefit from
this list from seeing it.  If you know someone who is disabled or who
cares for the disabled, please point them to this resource.

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