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Then in few words

The Latvian Society of Disabled People (ARNIKA&Co) provides help to disabled in various areas.

Contact points

Name: ARNIKA&Co - Latvian Society of Disabled People
Contact person: Alexander Baranov
Address: LV-1007, box 117, Riga, Latvia
Telephone: 371 2614516

What they do

From the words of Mr. Alexander Baranov:
I am Alexander Baranov , managing director of the Latvian Society of Disabled People "ARNIKA&Co". "ARNIKA&Co"is non profit private organization with limited liabilities. As we are non profit we receive no money from Latvian government and so we are recognized by our government. We started our activities in 1991. About 75% of our staff are people with disabilities. Our main purposes:
  1. Is creating new labour places for disabled people.
  2. Provide all kinds of help for people with disabilities.
  3. Help them with transportation.
  4. Help them to feel more selfconfident and useful for society and their families.

What they are looking for.

Look at their activities in the area of cars for disabled



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