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Conferenza - The International Conference on Disability, Virtual Reality and Associated Technologies

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Alghero - Sassari, Sardinia, Italy, September 24-26, 2000

Conference Chairs: Prof. A. Cesarani, Dr. L. Pugnetti & Prof. A Rizzo.

The purpose of the Third International* Conference on Disability, Virtual Reality and Associated Technologies is to provide a forum for international experts and researchers to present and review how advances in the general area of Virtual Reality can he used to assist people with Disability. This international conference will encompass all aspects of technology used in Virtual Reality systems. Papers are sought in which technical innovation is backed up by evidence of original and practical implementation, or which promise practical implementation in the very near future. Presentations, which include video material and/or experimental systems, are particularly welcome. Facilities for presenting such material will he available at the conference.

The research presented at the conference will be presented in a peer reviewed Proceedings which will he made widely available. It is hoped that the conference will act as a focus for international collaboration.

ICDVRA~000 follows on from the success of the conference series, Maidenhead, UK (1 996) and Skovde, Sweden (1998), the latter also being available from the International Journal of Virtual Reality. Abstracts from all papers presented at both conferences are available from:

More general information is available from the contact pointers listed below.

*Formerly called the European Conference on Disability, Virtual Reality and Associated Technologies (ECDVRAT). Topics: Papers are encouraged in all areas, which span Disability, Virtual Reality and its Associated Technologies, encompassing both practical application and more generic research. The following topics are just a few of those which will he relevant to the conference:

Communication and Language - Virtual and Enhanced Environments - Rehabilitation - Clinical assessment - Cognition Computer access - Hap tic devices - Visual Impairment - Mobility - Medical systems - Input Devices, Sensors and Actuators Communications aids - Multi-user systems for user interaction - Tools for architectural/CAD design - Visual impairment through virtual simulation - Wheelchair navigation through virtual environments - Product design testing and prototyping Training tools for rehabilitation - Augmented reality for people with disability - Ambisonics (3D Sound) - Cognitive processing and virtual environments - Human Factors issues

The conference Programme Committee also welcomes proposals for posters outlining the kernels of collaborative research with the specific aim of fostering international collaboration for the development of co-operative research proposals seeking European Community or other similar programme support.

Publication of Papers: Submission of papers implies that authors are able to provide a full paper (6-10 pages) which will appear in the conference proceedings. The conference proceedings will he available at the conference. Submission of Papers:

Authors are requested to send 3 copies of a 2 page extended abstract to:

ICDVRAT 98, Dr Paul M Sharkey, Dept. Cybernetics, University of Reading, White knights, Reading RG6 6AY, UK

Tel.: +44(0) 118931 6704; Fax.: +44(0) 118931 8220,


The abstract should include: Title; All author's names, affiliations, and addresses; Name of author to contact for correspondence; Email address and fax number of contact; Up to 5 keywords to describe the paper. Please note that each submission wills he reviewed under the following specific headings: originality of concept(s); clarity of presentation; relevance to the conference; technical soundness; and importance of results. It is particularly important to provide sufficient information for the last two headings in the abstract to facilitate assessment. The conference language is English. All presentations will he 20-25 minutes, with an additional 5 minutes for specific questions, and with a further discussion period scheduled for the end of each session. Three papers will he chosen for keynote presentation at the start of each day of the conference. All accepted papers should he presented by one of the contributing authors at the conference.

Important Dates: In order to produce the conference proceedings in time for the conference it is important that the following dates are strictly respected:

Submission of Abstracts

Notification of Acceptance

Submission of Camera Ready Copy July 15, 2000

Per informazioni e iscrizioni contattare la Segreteria Organizzativa della

GSC - Gestione Servizi Culturali S.r.l. - NOCETO (PR)

Tel.: 0521 621107 - Fax: 0521 621102 - E-Mail:

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