Text to speech conversion Software

Last update: 09.01.1997

Tts Media House is a new software produced by the Taiwan's society Ultima. It is available in 7 version, including English, Italian and French, and it lets a computer with an audio board to read any text file.

You just need to open a text and click to the function Sayto start the read of the text. It is possible to configure the tune and speed of the voice inside the software.

Its target is a particular group of users, e.g. people with difficulties to read, but it can be used in other fields. Through the option Keyboard to Speech people can know the exact pronounce of a word simply writing it. Or it can be used to correct text simply listening what was written.

Contact directly the society in Taipei:
Tel.: 00886-2-788.54.70
Fax: 00886-2-788.56.57

From PCWEEK Italia N. 33 (08/10/96)

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