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Disability - Accessibility - Accessible Places

Last Update: Saturday, 15-Jan-2022 22:34:04 PST

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Hereafter you can find a list of public places having special arrangments for people with disabilities.

Since we cannot directly check all information, we cannot ensure they are correct.
Thank you and have a nice day.

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green ball Cinema and theatres
blue ball Museum and Monuments
yellow ball Restaurants - Pizzerie
red ball Shops

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pink ball Sport and holidays
pink ball Services
pink ball Transports

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Cinema and Theatres

green ballMilano and surroundings Cinema Accessible to Disabled
green ballRoma and surroundings Cinema Accessible to Disabled

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Museum e Monuments

blue ballBologna - Touch Museum [Italian] (16.01.2022 - link no more active: www.cavazza.it/arte/index.shtml)
blue ballBolzano Alto Adige Natural Science Museum - Blind route [Italian]
blue ballMistic, Connecticut (USA) - Museum Mistic Seaport - American and Sea Museum - Guide to disabled accessibility (16.01.2022 - link no more active: www.mysticseaport.org/visit/vo-access.htm)
blue ballRome Arts and Traditions Museum [Italian]
blue ballRoma and surroundings Museum and monuments Accessible to Disabled [Italian]
blue ballTorino Egiptian Museum - Blind routes [Italian]
blue ballVenice Musea lighted up for blinds [Italian]

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Restaurants - Pizzerie

yellow ballRoma La Locanda dei Girasoli [Italian]
Family Pizzeria where the handicapped children work.

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