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Issue : Vol II Number 5 (06-May-1999)

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A BRIDGE TO PEACE TOWARDS THE MILLENNIUM - is the first international
conference to be held in Israel on tourism for people with special needs.
It will be held November 29 - December 2, 1999 at the Royal Beach Hotel in
Eilat, Israel.

Eilat is a beautiful seaside resort with warm and sunny weather throughout
the year, offering the perfect location to combine a high level scientific
program with a unique leisure experience.

Israel is now at the height of a process to promote the mainstreaming of
its citizens with disabilities.  They are approaching the completion of a
comprehensive law of equal rights for people with disabilities. Israel is
also in the midst of a process of making peace with its neighbors.
Participation of interest groups from Jordan and Egypt is expected as well
as representatives from the Palestinian Authority.

The conference will be conducted in English with American and Israeli Sign
Language Interpretation in the sessions.  The main topics of the conference
will be:

 Policy - What is the policy of the relevant Authorities and Agencies, in
  Israel and worldwide, towards tourism of people with disabilities.

 Economic aspects - Presentation of studies

 Services issues - Attitudes, specials needs, devices/technologies.

 Information - Databanks and their accessibility, dissemination of
  information   about accessible sites, accommodations and complementary

 Types of sites/events and modes of dealing with their accessibility -
  (museums, beaches, sports sites, national parks, holy places, festivals
  etc.)    Presentation will be made of successful examples.

For further information contact: Conference Secretariat "Camel" Organizers
& Events, P.O. Box 1912, Ramat Gan 52532, Israel.  Tel: +972-3-5754040
Fax: +972-3-5753107 Email:


FREE MEDICAL RECORD-KEEPING SYSTEM - Medical Assurance Registry, a quick
reference on-line medical data system, has opened in Englewood, Florida.
This service was created by to assist Healthcare Professionals in treating
medical emergencies, whether they occur around the corner around the world.
 This is a free service for the travel industry.

Whether at home or traveling, doctors need pertinent historical medical
data when providing needed treatment.  The RXData system provides a
complete, current record of an individuals medical profile in a form that
is easily available for use by medical personnel anywhere.

For further information, visit their web site at:


be presenting travel workshops at the upcoming Abilities Expo being held in
Anaheim, May 14-16, 1999.  The sessions are an hour long and are being
sponsored by American Airlines.

The workshops are free!  We also have tickets available for free admittance
to the show.  If you would like some just leave me your address at and tell me how many tickets you want.  We would love
to meet you, so join us at one of the workshops or stop by our booth to say
hello.  For more information and directions check out the Abilities Expo
web site

I would also like to take this opportunity to announce that Continental
Airlines will be sponsoring the travel workshops at the final three Expos
to be held in Chicago, IL, Chantilly, VA and Santa Clara, CA.  More
information and dates on future What's News pages.


THE OXYGEN TRAVELER - exists for the disabled traveler who requires oxygen
and durable medical equipment arrangements for domestic, international, or
cruise travel. They specialize in making virtually all aspects of travel
arrangements for delivery of medical or oxygen equipment to ship, airport,
hotel, or en route travel.

The Oxygen Traveler is not a travel agency, but works with hundreds of
travel agencies and health care providers, as well as the cruise line
industry. Your travel agent provides all the usual transportation, lodging,
and car rental services.  The Oxygen Traveler then arranges the medical
equipment in the destinations you've chosen, negotiates a fair price with
the suppliers, and works with them to have it delivered where you need it,
when you need it. All the proper authorities and agents are notified so
that your trip will be as smooth as possible. They understand that it is
imperative that you have this equipment so they double-check every last

For more information call: The Oxygen Traveler at 937-848-7100
Fax: 937-848-7949 Email:


ALERT CHANGE IN DOT GUIDELINES - Change in the law and the policies to
cover the cost to damages to wheelchair.

In the past the airline industry has been able to limit the liability of
covering damage to wheelchairs to only $2,500. And even if the companies
were sued and had to pay full damages, the lawyer's fees were not covered.
They are considering how to do that calculation

The Department of Transportation has developed new regulations that would
raise the liability of the air carriers.

Non Discrimination on the Basis of Disability in Air Travel: Compensation
for Damage to Wheelchairs and other assistive Devices

Action: Notice of Proposed Rulemaking. Existing cap on the amount of
compensation airlines would have to pay to passengers for loss or damage of
their wheelchair users and other assistive devises. The proposal is
intended to provide additional relief to passengers using expensive
assistive devices when they are destroyed or seriously damaged in the
course of airline travel.

For Further Information Contact:  Robert C. Ashby, Deputy Assistant General
Council for Regulation and Enforcement Department of Transpiration, 400 7
th Street, SW Room 10-424. Washington , D.C. 202-366-9313 (voice); 202
755-7687 (TDD) 202-366-9313 (fax);

Sam Pavereski- Assist. General Council is the contact person
The Rules Change: OST-99-5099

To see a copy of a sample letter go to


                              NEW LINKS
ACESS GALVESTON - This is a new online access guide that cover
accommodations attractions and dining.

EUROPE ACCESS INFORMATION - The European Commission has produced a series
of on-line Travel Guides for tourists with disabilities, to meet the
information demand of this potential group of tourists.  These Travel
Guides cover 18 European countries, members of the European Economic Area.

                               SITE CHANGES
FEATURED DESTINATION - Notice something different!  We will be changing the
name of our Feature Tour page to Featured Destination.  We feel that since
generally these pages are about a destination rather then a specific tour
it is more appropriate.  This month's Featured Destination is Cape Cod.
Learn about it's history, where to stay, what to see and do.  Plus where to
find beach wheelchair and an accessible sport boat.  To view it go to

NEW TRAVEL TALE - We have recently added a trip report on Viet Nam.  Not
the most accessible destination, but read about on mans adventure, what to
see and how to survive.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank the
Aric Vamosh and his wife Miriam Feinberg Vamosh. They  live in Israel and
Aric  is a wheelchair user.  Aric  travels extensively and is frequently
joined by Miriam.  They have generously shared many of these trips with our
users.  Aric does most of the writing but special thanks also go to Miriam
for translating the accounts into English.  To view it go to


Carol Randall
Access-Able Travel Source



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