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Issue : Vol I Number 10 (05-October-1998)

Last Update: Monday, 29-May-2006 06:13:15 PDT

Werner and Diana Hans, an Austrian couple have three studio apartments
available for rent  The complex is located  in the West Peloponnese, close
to the harbor town of Kyparissia.  The area enjoys a pronounced
Mediterranean climate which makes it a great location for a vacation any
time of the year.
The units can accommodate 3 to 5 people and have an unobstructed view of
the sea.  All the bathrooms have a shower suitable for wheelchair users and
include such features as shower seat, grab bars and hand held showers.
All apartments have a separate terrace and are equipped with a coffee
machine, cutlery, plates, pots, pans and a hair dryer, as well as drapes
and towels.  There are no steps, sills or thresholds and the units have
wide doors. All apartments are very accessible for wheelchairs.
The complex is passable through ramps and consist of a big terrace for
leisure activities such as darts, or lying in the sun, further on there is
a terrace in front of the apartments with a pool and a barbecue corner.
You may either eat out in a tavern or have the meals delivered to you. The
harbor town of Kyparissia is 20 minutes drive from the complex. Kyparissia
has a hospital and pharmacies. In addition to restaurants, fish taverns,
shops; there are bars, pubs and discos. Kyparissia also has a supermarket
which is
accessible for wheelchairs.
To get to town you can either take a cab or the Han's bus which has places
for three wheelchair users and four pedestrians.   Excursions with their
bus to ancient sites, or to the beach can also be arranged.
For more information check out their website at: or email them at: Werner and Diana  Postal address: P.O. Box 411, GR-24500
Kyparissia, Greece.  Phone and fax: (0030) 761 51146
With the ongoing development of new drugs, improved food additives and
stronger cleaning products; a new disability is quickly emerging.
Environmental sensitivity is an invisible disability, and can encompass
everything from food or chemical sensitivities to allergies.  Little is
known about many of the sensitivities, and information and support is very
scarce in this field.  That's why the premiere issue of "Sully's Living
Without" was welcomed with open arms by those who experience environmental
or chemical sensitivities.  The purpose of this new publication is to
educate and support readers with allergies and food or chemical
sensitivities.  Says editor Alicia Pitzer,  "We're the magazine you turn to
after your doctor sends you home with a couple of pamphlets and a pat on
the back."  This trend-setting new magazine contains a comfortable mix of
personal profiles, medical information, recipe ideas, new
products and helpful resources.  It also features "My Kind of Place", an
insightful column authored by Tracy Campbell; Emerging Horizon's own
Tracy combines her personal experience and business expertise to produce
this informative column, which highlights Inns and B&B's that provide
gluten free fare.  As CEO of  1-800-InnSeek, Tracy maintains a large
database of Inns and B&B's across the country.  Her personal experience of
being diagnosed with celiac aprue (gluten intolerance) inspired her to make
the database searchable for properties that prepare gluten free breakfasts.
 Now she also shares this information with "Sully's Living Without"
readers, and soon she hopes to add "Local resources" (such as restaurants)
to her column.  Sully's Living Without is published quarterly and available
for $12/year.  For more information call 630-415-3378 or fax 630-493-9511.
This information was taken with permission from Emerging Horizons the
quarterly newsletter for travelers with disabilities.  For more information
about Emerging Horizons you can check out their website at: or email them at:
FEATURED TOURS PAGE - Cruise the Panama Canal with Princess Cruise Lines
All travelers should experience this engineering marvel at least once in
their lifetime.  Read all about what you'll see and the options they offer.
 And no matter which trip you choose your floating resort will be one of
accessible ships
NEW TRAVEL TALES - We have two new travel tales submitted by our users. One
is by a gentleman who is a power wheelchair user and it tells all about his
Alaska cruise and trip to the interior. The other new Travel Tale is called
"Nightmare in North Carolina".  You'll have to read it to believe it.
COMING SOON - Two new travel tips!  The first is about keeping yourself
safe when traveling. When people go on vacation they often let their guard
down, but crime is everywhere. We hope these tips will help you have a safe
trip wherever you travel. The second one is how to get money refunded for
the "Value Added Tax" (VAT) you pay when traveling in Europe.
AUSTRALIA -MERINDAH HOLIDAY COTTAGES - Located just three hours from
specifically designed and equipped for people with physical disabilities
and other people with mobility impairments. These delightfully appointed
cottages just opened on 1st September 1998.
OLD FRIEND NEW SERVICE - Moss Rehab Center located in Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania has been a resource for travelers with disabilities for many
years.  When they started they provided access information and tips by both
mail and phone.  Due to budget cuts it was necessary for them to limit the
responses to phone inquiries over the last few years.  Now they have a
website that offers a variety of information and resources.
HOUSESWAP USA/EUROPE - If you are thinking about a home exchange as a
vacation option, you might want to checkout this site.  They clearly note
home/cars that are accessible in their listings.



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