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Issue : Vol I Number 8 (06-August-1998)

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GREAT CRUISE SPECIAL -Two wheelchair accessible cabins left on the December 6,
1998 sailing of the Crown Princess Round Trip Los Angeles.  10 night cruise
with stops in Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, Zihuatenao and
Acapulco.  The price for an inside accessible cabin is $1150.00 per person
including port and tax.  You also get a $50.00 per person shipboard credit.
This is an incredible value and there are only two cabins left!  Call Easy
Access Travel at (800)920-8989 to book this fantastic cruise! Email:


SATH WORLD CONGRESS PRESS RELEASE - The Society for the Advancement of
Travel for the Handicapped (SATH) and leading cosponsor, the American
Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) announced today the Third annual SATH-World
Congress for Travelers with Disabilities and Mature Travelers. The
Conference will be held January 6-9, 1999,  at the Fort Lauderdale Airport
Hilton, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  The mission of the Congress is to educate
and train the travel and hospitality industry about the needs and benefits
derived from servicing this under-serviced market of 54 million Americans
which represents $177 billion dollars in buying power. The 1999 SATH-World
Congress will continue with the theme " Disability Is Not Inability". 

The 1999 World Congress is expecting 25 to 30 foreign delegations and
hundreds of delegates representing the travel industries and retailers
worldwide. Also expected to grow is our Congress Committee, which acts as
advisors and specialized promoters. 

The SATH-World Congress will feature workshops, seminars and sponsored events
hosted by leading industry experts. "These experts will aid in educating the
industry to the needs of the underdeveloped market of 24 million persons
with disabilities that have never traveled, so that they may too experience
the pleasures of travel," said Paul Alterman, CTC, General Chairman of the
SATH-World Congress. 

Registration for the 1999 SATH-World Congress is $199 per person; SATH Members
and members/ associates of the Partnership in Awareness (SATH, AMEX, ASTA,
ARTA, NTA, TIA, AH&MA, ABA, ATA, IACVB, SPACE, CLIA) register at the
discounted rate of $179. An "early bird" registration fee of $149 is
available to the association members who register before September 30, 1998.
Student of the travel and hospitality industry and  Souses of delegates can
participate in the 1999 SATH-World Congress for only $99. 

For Congress registration and information, please contact:  
  Judith Preston, World Congress Coordinator  
  SATH-World Congress
  2200 W. Commercial Blvd. Suite 105 
  Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309.
  Phone: (954) 731-4600 
  Fax: (954) 731-5106

SHOREWATCH WORKING HOLIDAYS - There are few people that the sight of a tall
ship doesn't stir a sense of adventure in, with thoughts of pirates, cannon
and even romance on the high seas.  While there are few opportunities to
sail on one of these ships, there is one opportunity where you can actually
be a part of building on. 

The Jubilee Sailing Trust, a registered Charity in the UK,  can offer you
just such an opportunity.  The Trust has been integrating both able body and
persons with disabilities on the voyages of its current tall ship the Lord
Nelson  The crew of each voyage is made up of 20 able body and 20 persons
with disabilities (up to 8 wheelchair users) plus 8 professional sailors. 
Since commencing voyages in the LORD NELSON in 1986, JST has taken 13,676
people to sea. Of these 5,485 people were physically disabled and 2,265 were
wheelchair users. 

Their latest project which commenced work in 1996 is to build a second tall
ship to be ready in 1999 for the millennium celebrations.  Like the voyages
of the Lord Nelson the new ship is being built by an integrated crew.  Each
week a new group of up to 16 volunteers (both able body and with
disabilities), join the skill craftsmen to experience shipyard life on week
long working holidays.  There are a wide range of tasks available so no
experience is necessary. 

The project is taking place at the Jubilee Trust Shipyard in Southampton.  The
accommodations for volunteers are on site, in a fully accessible, hostel-style
block with its own bar and lounge.  Duvet and linen is provided but you will
need your own towel.  The cost to participate is ?100 a week which includes
accommodations and three meals a day. 

For more information and great pictures check out their web site or you can email them at: 

Note:  Berths aboard the Lord Nelson are not currently available to
residents of the U.S. and Canada, but the Shorewatch Holidays are. 


AH&MA has been working with its members, to help them better understand the
law, how to assess their properties and bring them into compliance. 

Their latest project and one that indicates a possible shift in the
industry's thinking from compliance to one of customer service is a survey
that they are conducting.  This is not a survey of hotels, but of travelers
with  disabilities.  The survey is an attempt to better understanding the
needs of travelers with disabilities and to determine how well hotels are

Thus far they have gone to annual conventions of several major disability
organization and it was available at the Chicago Abilities Expo, thanks to
the assistance of  staff members of PN Magazine.  They also plan to make it
available at the Washington Abilities Expo and are seeking out disability
organizations the would be willing to send them out to a random number of
their members. 

So here's your chance to be heard,  if you are with on organization that
would be willing to help contact Eric Gaull at: email or
phone 703-351-8364 .  If you are an individual who would like to fill one
out, we have a supply of them at the Access-Able office.  Either call us at
303-232-2979 or email us at giving us your address and
we will get one off to you. 


                                 ON OUR SITE

first ever limousine that allows a passenger to stay in their chair while
enjoying  such luxuries as television, stereo, stocked bar and elegant
interiors.  Read all about it and see a picture of it on our August "What's
News Page"

FEATURE TOUR - Check out this months feature tour page on Las Vegas.  Find out
where to stay, what to see and how to get around. 

TRAVEL TIPS - The new travel tips page will be up by Friday August 7.  There
you will find information on how to find an accessible hotel, cruise tips,
traveling with oxygen, air travel with a scooter or wheelchair and more.


Planning a trip to Germany these links may help you out.

BERLIN - This is not a new site but has been expanded offering access
information and more for the city of Berlin.

HEIDELBERG - This site offers a wide variety of access information on the  city
including accommodations, attractions and transportation.

FRANKFURT - This site presents some challenges as it is only in German, but
I feel it is still useful  They have a list of accessible hotels including
contact information and the information is in a graph so you can follow it
sort of.  If nothing else it tell  you which hotels to check out first.



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