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Issue : Vol I Number 7 (05-July-1998)

Last Update: Monday, 29-May-2006 06:13:15 PDT


FOR ACCESS-ABLE USERS - Emerging Horizons a quarterly accessible travel
newsletter will send you a sample copy just for the asking.  In their
current issue you can read about an accessible dive holiday in Fiji.  Not a
stay on shore and go out for diving holiday, but a "live aboard" dive trip
on a accessible boat, complete with private bathrooms with floor drains,
freshwater showers, and shower seats.  Mala Mala Game Reserve in South
Africa and their accessible photo safaris was also featured.  This issue was
the first for what will become a regular feature, "Accessible Properties
that will Guarantee Reservations".  In each issue they will cover a
different geographical area
giving names and numbers of properties in that area.  Other regular features
include the Insider, Accessible B & B's and Travel Tips.   

To get your free sample copy contact Emerging Horizons, Candy & Charles Creative
Concepts, P.O. Box 278, Ripon, CA 95366  or email  them.
Just tell them Access-Able sent you.  


CELEBRATE ISRAEL'S 50TH BIRTHDAY - With A 13 day fully escorted tour. Start
your trip back in time with two days in Jerusalem. You will enter the Old
city through the Zion Gate, after visiting David's tomb and via the last
supper room; Then crossing the Jewish quarter and the famous Cardo you will
make your way to the wailing wall.

On the third day you will board your fully accessible air-conditioned  bus
and proceed through the Judaen desert to Jericho - the oldest known city on
earth.  A visit the Dead Sea will be next, the  lowest and saltiest on
earth, where you can float on your back and read a newspaper at the same
time.  One of the more memorable events of this trip is sure to be on the
visit to Kfar Kedem where you will experience life as it was a thousand
years ago.  You will see how people lived producing bread from the harvest
and the making of olive oil. Lunch will be served in a tent like villagers
in the time of Jesus.  

The trip departs November 2nd and returns the 14th,1998  For more
information contact Turtle Tours, 165 Inspirational Drive, Sedona, AZ 86336.
Phone: (800)-453-9195  Email:


BUYER BEWARE- Twin Peaks Press has been offering a variety of publications for
travelers with disability for years.  A couple that I think you ought to be
aware of are, "500 Worldwide Access Guides" and Directory of Travel Agencies
for the Disabled"  We recently received copies of both.  The cost of each is
$19.95. The one on access guides has a copyright date of 1988.  Needless to
say much has likely changed since any of the listed guides were published.
The Directory of Travel Agencies book does show a copyright date of 1997,
however many of the listing that were no good in the 1993 edition are still
unchanged in the 1997 edition.  When we saw this we decided to do a little
of our own research.  

There were over 400 listings for agents in the US.  Of that number we found
only 52 listing that were for agents that specialized in trip planning for
travelers. Forty agencies were still in business but the person who
specialize was no
longer.  In fact some hadn't worked there for 5 to 10 years.  There were 128
bad or disconnected numbers.  In Canada of the 26 agents listed we found 4
that specialized, 10 bad or disconnected numbers and 7 agents that were in
business but don't specialize.  The total numbers do not add up because
there were numerous numbers that we received no answer after at least two
try during business hours.  There were also numerous listing that had no
phone numbers or were not travel agents at all.



NEWS OF A TRAVEL AGENCY - that is offering International tours to travelers who
are deaf which include top ASL interpreters.  Some of the scheduled trips
are an Amazon Rainforest Cruise, a Land of Incas, Peru tour and an eight-day
beach party trip to Cancun, Mexico.

ALBERTA BED & BREAKFAST - Check out the details about this bed and breakfast
located just 40 minutes east of Jasper National Park in Canada.  This
Victorian style home was built with barrier free access in mind and has an
accessible suite complete with roll-in shower.

You will find the details of Neverland Adventure's fall Australia trip,
taking place November 5 - 19.  Their vast experience in putting all types of
accessible trips to Australia has earned them the reputation of being the
experts on travel to Australia for persons with disabilities.  Check it out!

COMING SOON - Access-Able is proud to announce that we are adding a new page to
our site in August.  It's a travel tips page!  It will cover many topics,
some of which have appeared on our What's News page.  For starters there
will be pieces on air travel with a wheelchair or scooter; tips for finding
an accessible room, traveling with oxygen and more.



ACCESSIBLE VENICE -  This page is part of an extensive page about the city of
Venice.  It covers access information on the rail station, which bridge
crossings are accessible, limited accommodation information plus a map of
the city showing areas which are accessible.

Catalina page. It covers everything for access information about the
ferries, how to get around the island, where to stay and even what's
happening around town.



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