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Issue : Vol I Number 4 (08-Apr-1998)

Last Update: Monday, 29-May-2006 06:13:15 PDT


I don't know about where you are but here in Colorado spring has sprung. The
trees and flowers are starting to bloom.  This time of year has me longing
to be traveling or just outside instead of in front of the computer.  But
here I am and we have information on some great adventures being offered.


A program call Blue Skies which was developed a number of years ago to
enable individuals of all disabilities to enjoy an Israel and Holy Land
experience journey, is again offering a 10 expedition to Israel.  

The trip is unusual that persons with all disabilities are welcome, whether
you are a chair user, visually impaired or developmentally disabled.  How
they accommodate such a wide range of people is by breaking down the group
into smaller groups with like needs and social structure.  The total size of
the entire group may be in the neighborhood of 20-25 with smaller groups of 5
to 6 people in each.  This makes for a diverse and exciting trip for everyone.

Here are some of the things you will see and experience on the trip.  You
will star your trip at Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv.  Your
first sightseeing experience will be of tour of the Old City, Jerusalem
which will follow a welcoming ceremony at the Hass Promenade.  The next day
will not only be spent enjoying the sites and learning about area but will
also include an evening with other Israelis for an Israeli style social
event.  Before leaving the are the next day will be a real adventure
including a jeep trip into the Mystic Judean Desert, spending time enjoying
Bedouin hospitality and learning about their culture.  A real live camel
ride will help you feel like you have been transformed into this interesting

On the following you will visit archaeological sites, visit Tel Dan Nature
Reserve for some rafting, travel to the port city of Jaffa (the worlds
oldest working harbor) for a tour and much more.  What makes this trip
different is you are not only seeing the site but you also will get to learn
about the culture first hand while taking part in event that include Israelis.

The trip leaves August 3rd and returns August 13, 1998. For more information
and costs contact Michael Kelmer at 1-800-826-4525 or 847-541-6269 Fax:
847-541-8092. Email  Web Site gtto://


Joe Puleo of Alcala Travel (who has  Parkinson's himself) is especially
happy to offer you this opportunity for an enjoyable and relaxing treat on
this 7-night Inside Passage cruise to Alaska for Parkinson's patients and
caregivers.  Family and friends are also invited.

A nationally noted Parkinson Physician will be the keynote speaker.  Also in
attendance will be a speech pathologist, a physical therapist, and a
professional case manager/caregiver.  All are anxious to provide us with new
insights into everyday routines until a cure is found.

For details on the special cruise departing September 13 contact Joe at
Alcala Travel, 7385 Jackson Dr., San Diego, CA 92119-2316.  Phone:  800-
352-9700 or619-698-5111  Fax: 619-698-8526 Email:


                        THIS MONTHS WHAT'S NEWS PAGE

SAN DIEGO GUIDE - Brand new updated access guide on San Diego is now
available.  Has everything you need to plan your trip.

ITALY TOUR - This eleven day trip is not like most whirlwind tours heading
to Europe.  You will visit Rome, Florence, Pardova and Venice.

Because of the limited number of cities and the exclusive use of the
wheelchair accessible bus, there will be no rushing.  This tour has been
developed for those travelers who wish to spend more time in one place
rather than moving from location to location each day.  All hotels are
four-star with wheelchair accessible rooms.

NEW BOOK - This real life adventure is about their dream of taking an
extended  trip  around the world. Nothing was going to stop them not even a
disability.  I think you will enjoy this light, entertaining travel log.
Wheelchair Around the World is the daily account of the couple's
adventures--and misadventures--from the glorious sights they visited to the
obstacles they faced due to Anne's disability.  


FEATURE TOUR PAGE - This month we are featuring Southwestern Colorado.  Find out
about all the things to see and do in the area like Mesa Verde National Park
and the day long train ride on the historic Durango to Silverton Narrow
Gauge Railroad.


HOSTELS - We are in the process of doing extensive research on hostels that
are wheelchair accessible around the world.  We will share this information
with you in upcoming newsletter.  However we would like to talk to any
wheelchair user who has stayed at an hostel.  So if that's you please help
us out and contact us.

NEW LINK - This site was put together by the Easter Seals Society.  It's
called Project Action.  It is a good list of accessible transportation
options for many cities across the U.S.  Although no list can be called
complete it is a great resource particularly for travelers who wish to use
paratransit in the city they are visiting.




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