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Accessible Travel

Institute on Independent Living Newsletter  8/2000

       Accessible Travel


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       Travel Anyone?

    On the Northern hemisphere we are enjoying summer now, a time to enjoy
the outdoors, take vacations and travel. This is also the time when we are
reminded of the limitations imposed on us by handicapping environments. As
we leave our familiar territory and venture off to new places we face more
obstacles, frustrations and expenses than the average person: no matter
where we live or visit, we are still far away from equal opportunities in
infrastructure and cultural and social life.

       In a number of countries Tourism for All can be used as a backdoor to
Universal Design. With the increasing number of retired persons in
industrialized countries tour operators the world over increase their market
by offering accessible and comfortable facilities. Today*s seniors are more
affluent and enterprising than ever before. They are leaving the confinement
of resort hotels and cruise ships to experience the culture and nature of
their host countries. In the future, Universal Design in all infrastructure
will be an area of competition among cities and countries depending on

       No matter which approach we use - Universal Design as a human right
or Tourism for All as good business - we, disabled people and our
organizations, need to be in the forefront of this development to make sure
that our needs are taken into account, in a functional and dignified

       In the meantime, there are a number of organizations and resources
that can make traveling easier for you. We added a completely new section of
resources on travel and leisure to our site and posted full-text articles on
this theme in our virtual library.


       Adolf D. Ratzka, Ph.D.
       Director, Institute on Independent Living

       New in the Library - Recreation & Travel

       Here are just a few titles:

What is a JoŽlette?

Read about how one parent's invention made travelling easier and more
pleasant for his son, despite the latter's disability.

The JoŽlette in Action: A Trip to Peru

See how travelling with a disability just got easier with the JoŽlette in
action on a trip to Peru, where even the toughest
terrain can be conquered with this wonderful invention!

Ethics challenges: Health, safety and accessibility in International Travel
and Tourism

Enormous increases in international travel by public sector employees and
others, along with incidents of terrorism, accidents and disease, raise a
variety of ethical issues not normally covered in the training of public
personnel administrators or in the standard administrative ethics course.
Issues of accessibility for individuals with disabilities take on new
dimensions when they travel abroad. This paper provides an overview of
trends and issues, explores their ethical dimensions and identifies relevant
strategies to prepare public administrators to deal appropriately with these


       Books on Disability and Travel

Through our new affiliate,, the Institute's Bookstore offers a
selection of books directly related to Disability and Travel. If you've
recently read a book you think is relevant to the Institute and would like
to offer a short review, please contact our web-editor.

       Disability Travel & Leisure Resources

We have compiled a comprehensive list of Disability Travel and Leisure
resources to help you locate the right vacation for you!

Just go to:

       United Nations Standard Rules: Accessibility

Although the United Nations Standard Rules imply no legally binding
responsibility, it has become an important instrument in the hands of the
disability community to demand full access as a human right. Read Rule
number 5 on Accessibility as a target area for equal participation.

       Buses for All (Europe): Update
Buses for All (Europe) is a small group of volunteers who have a strong
interest in buses being accessible for all people with disabilities. Buses
for All (Europe), along with disability organisations and other allies, have
been pressing the European Commission, the European Parliament and the
European Council of Ministers to make full access a compulsory part of the
design rules. Read the latest news in Buses for All's campaign to gain
universal access to all buses in Europe.

       Don't forget to visit our other great on-line services below!

Accessible Vacation Home Exchange

Swap your home during your next vacation with somebody in such destinations
as France, Egypt the UK or Canada. We have over 100 attractive offers
waiting for you! Our base of participants lists the accessible features of
their homes and dates they wish to travel.

Assistant Referral Service

Many persons with extensive disabilities use employed workers for such daily
tasks as getting bathed and dressed, shopping, driving their car or anything
else which they cannot do by themselves.

Our ambition is to match assistance users and assistants in their hometown,
within their country or in other parts of the world. For example, if you as
an assistance user plan to take a trip abroad, you might want to put in an
ad offering a position in that city you will be visiting. In this case, you
might want to use English. If you need an assistant in your hometown, use
your own language. In this case it is easier to match your request.

Assistance users can find assistants through the Personal Assistance
Exchange, while assistants can regularly check the site for job openings.

Global Networking

Global Networking now has over 240 organizations from around the world
offering information to partner organizations for joint projects, events,
sharing resource persons for lectures, training or technical assistance, for
study visits, internships or other cooperation including funding. Add your
organization now.

Our Online Library!

Check out our ever-growing on-line library containing hundreds of
independent living articles, resources and subjects of interest for all
people with disabilities! We add new articles all the time on such subjects
as: Universal Design, Human Rights and Disability, Women with Disabilities,
the latest in Assistive Devices, National Policies of various countries,
and much more, so check back often!

Discussion Forums
Current threads under the Access/Universal Design Forum are:

looking for suggestions of books, articles, or interior design ideas,
relating to Cognitive Disability.

invitation to join the accessibuilt mailing list hosted by mailbase and run
by the SURFACE research team at Salford university.

help needed working on a project to build a Universal Design apartment
complex in Tokyo, Japan.

Regardless of what you have on your mind, you'll find an appropriate
discussion forum that allows you direct contact with the thousands of
visitors to our site each month. Among the variety of themes such as human
rights; personalassistance; and relationships, sexuality & family, there is
also one for personal assistance.

       Upcoming Events and Conferences

World Congress - Inclusion by Design - Planning the Barrier-Free World
       Hosted by the Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work from June
1-5, 2001 in Montrťal, Quťbec, Canada (Palais des Congrňs de Montr»al).

       There are three major themes:

           1.Inclusive Employment;
           2.Inclusive Communities;
           3.Universal Access.

       The main objective of the event will be to look at inclusive policies
which can be developed and implemented through government, corporate and
community infrastructures. Senior Canadian and international representatives
are invited to attend this truly unique and progressive event. Delegates
comprised of policy makers, educators, professionals, organizations and
individuals will focus on implementing inclusive policies and programs,
universal design and equal access for all people.

       They are inviting all interested people to participate in this unique
event by either presenting your work and contribution in support of
inclusive employment, inclusive communities & universal access or attending
the Congress to listen to others and develop future policies.

       Deadline for the submission of papers is November 3, 2000.

       Inclusion by Design is a call to the world to stop, think and take
action. Come and share your expertise!

       The Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work
       500, University Avenue, Suite 302
       Toronto, Ontario
       M5G 1V7
       Tel: (416) 260-3060 ext.231 or 1-800-664-0925 ext.231
       Fax: (416) 260-3093

       Get Published
Expose your articles, reports, training manuals or other resources to people
with disabilities, researchers, service providers, government officials and
policymakers all over the world.

       The Previous Newsletter

       Our previous newsletter on Universal Design is archived at:

Click on back issues of our other newsletters containing these interesting

       Personal Assistance
       Human Rights

       Coming Issues of the Newsletter

In our next newsletter we take up the theme of 	Internet for Independent
Living*. Send your articles, references to useful resources, reviews, etc.


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       © 2000 Institute on Independent Living

       Dr. Adolf Ratzka, Director

       Terry Skehan, Administrator

       Malcolm D. Wald, Web Editor

       Mowbray Jones, Web Services

       Max Eriksson, Webmaster

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